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Gerd And Acid Reflux disease

Chronic throat inflammation from continuous acid reflux will have a detrimental effect on your throat

Anyone else get recurring throat infections?? This is like 6th time I've had one over a year or so, been docs about it before and they shrugged it off as viral but the fact I've had so many makes me realise it must be bacterial. Anyone had the same and been diagnosed with something? Unsure how best to treat it/to stop it coming back over and over. Any thoughts welcome thanks.

Elizabeth Haney
Do you still have your tonsils? I was getting viral infections every other week and had to have them out as an adult. It was one of the best decisions ever for my health. anxiety symptoms gerd.

Sam Green
No I actually had them out when I was about 4! Thanks tho Elizabeth.

Sonia Arthur
Sam Green it is a common occurrence for LPR , and ear infections,swollen lymph nodes, nose sores etc.....saline gargles are helpful to alleviate the discomfort.

Kwenzekile Mhambi
i'm due for tonsillectomy o june 20th suffering from LPR.

Sam Green
I'm so convinced there's something bacterial causing all this and GERD just wonder how to fix it 🤔

Sonia Arthur
chronic throat inflammation from continuous acid reflux will have a detrimental effect on your throat Sam Green, that is why it is essential that you treat the underlying cause, to stop the throat problems you have to stop the acid exposure.

Elizabeth Haney
I don’t believe my GERD is from bacteria, but yours may be especially if you have chronic infections. If your white count isn’t elevated though it does indicate that it is viral. Just because something is viral doesn’t make it any less real. You just can’t treat it with antibiotics.

Been on a ppi since December 2017..Been noticing my symptoms returning. Wonder.i need to either increase the dosage or try a different ppi. Hate this burning feeling and waking up with awful reflux...

Kelly B Robinson
Have you changed your diet to a a strict GERD diet and made all the proper lifestyle choices (raised head of bed, no eating past 6:00 pm etc) If not, I would recommend that first. If that does not work then I would speak to your doctor about increasing. It seems the two most effective PPIs for most people are dexilant and nexium. The goal is to not be on PPIs long term due to their associated long term risks by addressing through diet and lifestyle.

I’m not liking all of these torturous ways we have to try to stop reflux. Can’t we just have a chocolate paddle pop (fudgesicle) and have relief that way??

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